“PC Paladins has taken the burden of computer support and maintenance off of my back.”

Thanks to PC Paladins and the complete service they provide, the entire burden of computer support has been taken off of my back, and I don't have to worry about security threats or downtime. Now we are getting regular Microsoft updates, virus updates, spyware is being scanned for and removed, the temporary files are getting cleaned up, and our backups are being taken care of. It's really helped speed up our network, our programs run better, and we don't have the recurring problems that many offices suffer from.

It's really rare to find an IT support company that caters to the small business owner like me. I'm very proud of what we've accomplished here but we're still a small business and trying to get a large IT firm to provide us support is difficult. They only want to deal with the businesses that have 100 or more computers and huge budgets- and they have those clients so they take priority over someone like me who only has two servers and ten users. But with PC Paladins they have the support, knowledge and sophistication of a large company, but the personal attention you get from a small local company. You would think Dawn, who is my main point of contact at PC Paladins, doesn't have any other customers because she's always available when I need her and she's never told me she can't get something done. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Her expertise was invaluable during our Meaningful Use Attestation. She saw to it that all the requirements were met and she dealt with all the paperwork and red tape that comes along with government regulations.

PC Paladins keeps our network HIPAA compliant. As a medical office, it is vital that our patient's information is protected and secure. They monitor our network for attacks and are constantly upgrading and improving our security system to keep us safe in a world of cyber storms and attacks.

Dr. Lentz Lentz Pediatrics
Jackson and Lexington, TN

“We have used PC Paladins for more than 10 years and we have not regretted the move to PC Paladins.”

Our choice to use PC Paladins actually came by accident when the IT supplier we used closed. This was more than 10 years ago and we have not regretted the move to PC Paladins. The staff at PC Paladins strive to fulfill all our computer needs, whether simple PC issues or network and server installation and maintenance. PC Paladins has exceeded all of our expectations on new system implementation and integration, problem resolution, maintenance and web site design. PC Paladins is the best of the computer industry, whether you are purchasing a new computer or need help getting your existing network running the way it should. You can rest assured when you call PC Paladins they will provide you with the responsiveness and personal service as if it was their problem.

When it was time to upgrade our entire network, PC Paladins took over the project from beginning to end. They not only supplied excellent equipment but installed and configured the network with minimal downtime.

Thanks to their regular maintenance and monitoring, I can be assured of giving my clients the best service possible.

Gary Barnes Barnes Engineering Services, Inc
Henderson, TN

“I cannot imagine running my clinic without PC Paladins.”

I came in the day after Thanksgiving to a disaster. After a storm the previous night, our server was dead. Thankfully, I had PC Paladins design us a Disaster Recovery Plan that Dawn was able to put into place and allow me and my staff to keep seeing patients with no downtime.

Now I sleep better at night, knowing that our most valuable assets are protected. Using the program that Dawn recommended, we were able to restore our server to another computer and function with minimal issues while a new server was ordered and installed.

PC Paladins also set up remote access so that I am no longer constrained to working only in the office. That means I can work from home or on the weekends, leading to greater efficiency and, ultimately, better care of my patients.

PC Paladins has given us excellent service and support over the many years we have used them. Dawn and her team respond quickly to our requests and resolve our issues with knowledge and speed.

PC Paladins has taken care of the HIPAA security for our network. They maintain and monitor the firewall that protects Joshi Clinic from the attacks and intrusion from the internet.

When we upgraded to a new medical records software last year, Dawn and her team made sure that the hardware was compliant with the vendor, and figured out ways to implement and save us money at the same time. PC Paladins makes a great mediator between the doctor and the vendor.

I cannot imagine running my clinic without her and her staff.

Dr. Joshi Joshi Clinic
Jackson, TN

“With PC Paladins, I no longer have to trouble myself when I have computer trouble.”

As a sole practitioner, I need to make sure that my office's computing needs are met in a timely, competent, and professional manner. Joe and Dawn and their staff at PC Paladins have always been very accessible to my staff and I when we get into "trouble". They can either fix the problem on the spot or know where to look to get me help. That is what I want and need. I have and will continue to recommend them to my friends and clients.

William H. Shackelford, Jr. Attorney At Law
Jackson, TN

“Anyone looking for a solution to any of their computer needs MUST call PC Paladins!”

Using PC Paladins was simply by complete accident 17 years ago. We had just bought our first computer that had internet access at our business and I needed some work done that I could not figure out where to start. Dawn Mooney was very gracious and right from the beginning I knew she was someone I could trust with my business.

As everyone knows, most businesses are at the mercy of their IT person. I have no idea whether or not the services being performed and the charges are legit. So it makes it imperative that I have somebody I can trust and Dawn Mooney is that person.

In today's world there is no way you can have your computers down for more than a couple of hours. I do not worry about that with Pc Paladins. They could not service me any better or quicker. Anyone looking for a solution to any of their computer needs MUST call PC Paladins!

Brent Cooper Volunteer International
Jackson, TN

True Feeling of Safety and Security!

Working with Dawn and her staff is one of the best decisions I have made.

I know I can pick up the phone and my issue will be taken care of and sometimes the phone rings and I find out an issue has already been taken care of and I didn’t even know it existed.

I have the utmost trust in PC Paladins.

Amanda Loukota Countryview Kennels

Pc Paladins is like having a full-time tech staff without the headaches and expense!

Backups! Printing! Servers! Internet! Website! Security! These were just a few items that were driving us crazy trying to manage. I lost many hours a week talking to support that would always point the blame at someone else!  With Pc Paladins support I have ONE point of contact for all technical issues! They manage all our technology needs so that it works for us, not against us.  Having Pc Paladins on our team is like having a full time technical support team without the headaches and expense.  Pc Paladins has assisted us in our technology growth and expansion, making our business run smoothly so we can spend our time taking care of our clients.

Barbara Davis David White Body Shop

PC Paladins Expertise and Protection is a MUST in Today’s World!

With regular scheduled maintenance, our systems work better with no downtime due to unexpected problems. PC Paladins is reliable, on time working with our busy schedule so we can focus on our customers with no interruptions. We previously lost several systems to malware and viruses, these threats still exist but PC Paladins is always so accommodating when this type of incident is happening.

Connie Barnes Ceramic Tile Warehouse

Superior Service!

PC Paladins is not just limited to computer, they take care of our IPad Cash Register, and credit card machine. When an issue arises, the problem is always resolved quickly no matter where I am, home or work. If you are looking for superior service, they are the ones to choose!

Rita Howard The Crown Winery