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Are You Sick And Tired Of Dealing With Uncertified And Inexperienced Computer Techs That Are Impossible To Reach, Take Forever To Respond, And Then Charge Outrageous Fees For Masking The Symptoms But Not Really Fixing The Problems?

If so, give us a call and let us show you what our fast, experienced and highly-responsive IT services will do for your small to medium Jackson, TN business: 731-424-9009

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13 Reasons to Trust PC Paladins
to Support Your Computer Network


We Answer Our Phones LIVE!
Tired of pressing buttons just to get to a recording? We answer our phones LIVE and are there when you need us. You won't have to leave frantic voice mails in hopes that a tech will respond, your calls are vital to us so we answer them.


1 Hour Response Time!
We have less than 1 hour response time for YOUR network emergencies. When your systems crash in the middle of a busy workday, you need it fixed as fast as possible!


We Fix Issues Before They Become Problems!
Remember Murphy's Law… Anything that can go wrong will go wrong… and at the worst possible time!
With our proactive support we can fix issues before they become problems and problems before they become disasters!


We Deliver Solutions!
We listen first, then offer solutions second. So many techs decide they know the problem and have the solution without listening to you. We will listen to discover exactly what the issues are and then work with you for the best solution.


A team of experts at your disposal:
What is a Paladins: a trusted champion, protector. Not only are you gaining a team of knowledgeable and certified techs, we answer our phones live and are ready to resolve any IT issue making us a true partner with a common goal of success.


Customized IT solutions:
We are dedicated to understand your needs and suppling you the right solutions that best fit your business. With today’s ever evolving and dependency of technology you cannot afford the risk not being prepared for change or disasters PC Paladins focuses not only on the everyday IT needs but also your businesses future.


Exposing the mystery of computers:
Ignorance is not bliss, knowledge is power. Our friendly staff even though highly technical are capable of using plain English to make our clients comfortable and have a true understanding when it comes to their computes questions.


Superior Services
Our integrity is the foundation of our superior services. Our reputation has been earned by suppling reliable solutions since 1995 because only the best is acceptable. We use quality hardware and resolve all issues quickly ensuring minimum downtime.


We respect your time and want to ensure you benefit like so many of our clients who have been with us from day one, and we prove it by backing our Managed Service Subscriptions with a 30 day money back guarantee. PC Paladins will meet and exceed your standards of service and care.


We Will Be Your Problem Solvers!
Your problems are our problems. We don't just define the problems, we work with you to find the solutions


Relationships Are The Foundation Of Success!
You are a business partner not just a client. We care about your success and growth. We take the time and effort to build a long term relationship based on understanding and respect of your business vision and needs. We have clients that have worked with us since we opened our doors!


Plain English Spoken Here!
No Geek Speak. We understand that you want to know what is going on and what our plan of action is. We are going to explain the situations to you in plain English and listen to your questions and take your concerns into consideration.


34 Years In Business!
We are an established company, we have been a part of the Jackson business community since 1983. We have forecasted the changes in our business environment and have evolved the company to match the needs of our clients.

Our Services

Managed Services

We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee.

Network Security

Let us help you keep your company's data safe.

Remote IT Services

Let us fix your issues with ease and speed.

PC Paladins: trusted computer support for businesses throughout Jackson – Let us help you today!

Maybe you’re concerned with the current rising costs of your IT services, or maybe you are just running short on time because of your expanding business and need to hand over the reins of some services to someone else. Whatever your reason, we can help you with quality IT services today.

Your business can save money and time today with PC Paladins’s managed services, network solutions, IT support and more.


See what other business owners are saying about us…

PC Paladins Expertise and Protection is a MUST in Today’s World!

With regular scheduled maintenance, our systems work better with no downtime due to unexpected problems. PC Paladins is reliable, on time working with our busy schedule so we can focus on our customers with no interruptions. We previously lost several systems to malware and viruses, these threats still exist but PC Paladins is always so accommodating when this type of incident is happening.

Connie Barnes Ceramic Tile Warehouse

Pc Paladins is like having a full-time tech staff without the headaches and expense!

Backups! Printing! Servers! Internet! Website! Security! These were just a few items that were driving us crazy trying to manage. I lost many hours a week talking to support that would always point the blame at someone else!  With Pc Paladins support I have ONE point of contact for all technical issues! They manage all our technology needs so that it works for us, not against us.  Having Pc Paladins on our team is like having a full time technical support team without the headaches and expense.  Pc Paladins has assisted us in our technology growth and expansion, making our business run smoothly so we can spend our time taking care of our clients.

Barbara Davis David White Body Shop

True Feeling of Safety and Security!

Working with Dawn and her staff is one of the best decisions I have made.

I know I can pick up the phone and my issue will be taken care of and sometimes the phone rings and I find out an issue has already been taken care of and I didn’t even know it existed.

I have the utmost trust in PC Paladins.

Amanda Loukota Countryview Kennels